GMR was started in 2004 to create web-based businesses through an offshore team of developers and digital marketers hired by Ajay Prasad. The offshore team launched several successful web-based business platform ideas developed from scratch. GMR also started offering discounted development work to startups for equity in the company and currently holds equity in multiple web-based businesses developed by the team.

Ajay started doing angel investing in 2015 and has invested in over 25 startups individually or as a member of investment groups. Ajay is now combining his team’s web platform development & marketing capabilities, his experience of launching several successful web-based business ideas, and his interest in angel investing to support startups and early-stage web-based businesses launch their ideas in the market. GMR’s low-cost development capabilities and strategic marketing support help startups and early-stage web-based businesses launch and grow without asking for funds in early stages, preventing them from significantly diluting their equity.

GMR offshore team has over 100 members, supported by great team leaders and managed by VPs of Development, Marketing, and Human Resources.

Contact us for any or all of your online business needs, whether in the ideation stage, running a maturing small or medium size web-based company, or in-between.

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